01-24-2015 - Harm Reduction Research -

The Origins of Addiction: Research from Rat Park

Think addiction is a disease? Think again, and enjoy this cartoon which highlights [Norman Zinberg’s] Drug, Set, Setting model. Please click here.

12-10-2014 - Harm Reduction Treatment -

Harm Reduction for the Holidays

Holidays offer many opportunities to overdo it. Between parties, celebrations, families, or money worries, we are often at a loss about how to cope. The…

12-09-2014 - Harm Reduction Treatment -

Just One Drink? Harm Reduction Offers Alternative Alcohol Treatment Program

The Center for Harm Reduction Therapy is spotlighted online and in Bay Area Newsgroup papers. Martha Ross’s article focuses on the Center’s unique and effective…

11-24-2014 - Harm Reduction Treatment -

ARTICLES – Trauma, Substance Use, and Harm Reduction Therapy

This series of newsletters, HRTC News: Trauma, Part 1, 2011; HRTC News: Trauma, Part 2, 2012, and HRTC News: Summer 2013, contains short articles on…

11-24-2014 - Harm Reduction Research -

ARTICLE – Origins of Addiction from the ACE Study

This article Origins of Addiction from the ACE Study by the Principle Investigator of the ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Study focuses in on the prevalence of…

11-24-2014 - Harm Reduction Treatment -

ARTICLE – Harm Reduction for Families

Patt Denning’s article Harm Reduction for Families details how harm reduction can be used by families and friends as an alternative to tough love and…

11-24-2014 - Harm Reduction Treatment -

ARTICLE-Harm Reduction Therapy in Community Settings

The attached paper Harm Reduction Therapy in Community Settings is a peer-reviewed paper that explains how harm reduction therapy is adapted and practiced with homeless…

11-24-2014 - Harm Reduction Treatment -

ARTICLES – Harm Reduction Groups

The attached peer reviewed articles, Harm Reduction Groups and Harm Reduction Groups in Community Settings, offer readers a complete guide to the theory and practice…

11-13-2014 - Harm Reduction Treatment -

Harm Reduction for the Holidays: Free, 4-Session Group

Special brews, specialty cocktails, and the open bar at office parties can make the holidays seem like an obstacle course. Alcohol and other drugs also…

11-04-2014 - Harm Reduction Treatment -

Join Patt Denning at a Free Forum This Tuesday!

real talk: Can You Party Smart? Let’s talk booze A Community Forum Date: Tuesday, November 4, 6:30pm – 8:30pm Location: SF LGBT Community Center 1800…