03-20-2015 - Harm Reduction Treatment -

A Harm Reduction Treatment Model – Part 2

By Patt Denning, PhD Based on the principles outlined in Part 1 and on empirically validated approaches, harm reduction psychotherapy (HRP) uses multiple interventions, depending…

03-19-2015 - Harm Reduction Treatment -

Check out this article in April’s Atlantic magazine

Check out this article in April’s Atlantic magazine – it questions the wisdom of our culture’s reliance on Alcoholics Anonymous and proposes alternatives: The Irrationality…

02-10-2015 - The Debate – Harm Reduction vs. Traditional Treatment -

The Third Wave

It’s harm reduction – the third major model for understanding and treating substance misuse, following the Moral and the Disease models of addiction.  In short…

02-10-2015 - Harm Reduction Treatment -

The Real Cause of Addiction

  Addiction is not caused by drugs, nor by diseased people. The antecedents are far more complicated and the solution is human connection and fulfilling…

02-06-2015 - Harm Reduction Treatment -

Dying To Be Free: There’s A Treatment For Heroin Addiction That Actually Works. Why Aren’t We Using It?

“It continues to amaze and anger me that the treatment (and the criminal justice-based treatment) systems operate outside of any oversight when it comes to…

01-24-2015 - Harm Reduction Research -

The Origins of Addiction: Research from Rat Park

Think addiction is a disease? Think again, and enjoy this cartoon which highlights [Norman Zinberg’s] Drug, Set, Setting model. Please click here.

12-30-2014 - Harm Reduction Treatment -

STEP UP, STEP DOWN: A Kinder, Gentler Approach to 2015

‘Tis the season when many of us are feeling stuffed and stymied: too much food, too many late nights, way too many conversations with people…

12-10-2014 - Harm Reduction Treatment -

Harm Reduction for the Holidays

Holidays offer many opportunities to overdo it. Between parties, celebrations, families, or money worries, we are often at a loss about how to cope. The…

12-09-2014 - Harm Reduction Treatment -

Just One Drink? Harm Reduction Offers Alternative Alcohol Treatment Program

The Center for Harm Reduction Therapy is spotlighted online and in Bay Area Newsgroup papers. Martha Ross’s article focuses on the Center’s unique and effective…

11-24-2014 - Harm Reduction Treatment -

ARTICLES – Trauma, Substance Use, and Harm Reduction Therapy

This series of newsletters, HRTC News: Trauma, Part 1, 2011; HRTC News: Trauma, Part 2, 2012, and HRTC News: Summer 2013, contains short articles on…