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Working to Reduce HIV Risk among Persons Who Actively Use Substances

Webinar with Patt Denning, PhD.

This webinar introduces participants to the principles and fundamental clinical interventions of harm reduction psychotherapy (HRP). As an integrated, biopsychosocial model, HRP offers the most comprehensive means of working with clients who present with substance use disorders, mental illness, trauma, and medical issues such as HIV. Including both the science and the spirit of harm reduction, this webinar can guide clinical assessment, decision making, and collaborative treatment planning. The goal of this webinar is to increase participants’ skills and willingness to use harm reduction therapy to reduce HIV transmission when working with persons who use substances.

At the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the goals of harm reduction psychotherapy as they relate to HIV prevention
  • Describe how substance use can play a role in a client’s risk for HIV diagnosis
  • Apply harm reduction principles and strategies to a substance abuse case study
  • Identify community and federal resources to support harm reduction

This webinar is provided as a collaborative effort between the American Psychological Association’s Office on AIDS and the HIV/AIDS and Mental Health Training Resource Center.

Listen to the recording here.

Harm Reduction HIV Webinar Slides 7-27-2016