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The Real Cause of Addiction


Johann Hari and the real cause of addiction

Addiction is not caused by drugs, nor by diseased people. The antecedents are far more complicated and the solution is human connection and fulfilling environments.

Johann Hari’s groundbreaking new book is summarized in the Huffington Post where he discusses the real cause of addiction. As he says in the article:

“It is now one hundred years since drugs were first banned — and all through this long century of waging war on drugs, we have been told a story about addiction by our teachers and by our governments. This story is so deeply ingrained in our minds that we take it for granted.

It seems obvious. It seems manifestly true. Until I set off three and a half years ago on a 30,000-mile journey for my new book, Chasing The Scream: The First And Last Days of the War on Drugs, to figure out what is really driving the drug war, I believed it too.”