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READ IT! Decarcerating America: From Mass Incarceration to Public Health

Of interest to anyone in the harm reduction movement and anyone interested in ending the War on Drugs and the gross violation of civil and human rights being visited on people who use drugs and people of color in America.

DECARCERATING AMERICA: From Mass Incarceration to Public Health, is a bold new book with solid evidence about alternatives to incarceration. “Mass incarceration is destroying hundreds of communities and millions of families across America,” writes editor Ernest Drucker of Global Public Health/New York University and author of A Plague of Prisons: The Epidemiology of Mass Incarceration in America, 2011. The book offers creative solutions and calls to action from criminologists, public defenders, grassroots organizers, a federal judge, children’s advocates, healthcare experts, and harm reduction therapists.

“An urgent anthology suggesting progressive approaches to ending the era of overimprisonment…that should interest attorneys, activists, and open-minded law enforcement professionals.” (Kirkus Reviews) And anyone interested in harm reduction and human rights!

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