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Individually tailored solutions to substance abuse.

Harm Reduction Therapy is a revolutionary client-therapist collaboration that combines substance abuse treatment with psychotherapy—we help people address both their substance use and the issues behind it.


Harm Reduction Therapy

Empower Individuals

We respect each individual’s right, power and strength to determine the changes they want to make in their lives, and to prioritize what is most important.

A personal approach

Harm Reduction Therapy is not “one-size-fits all.” We believe there are as many ways to change as there are individuals who use alcohol and other drugs.

Come as you are

You do not have to change anything as a condition of coming to our Center; nor do we ask that you stop drinking or using, unless that is your goal.

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A pragmatic treatment program with a proven track record of positive results

Find out why


Help for everyone affected by substance abuse


We help clients to address both their substance use and the issues that lie behind it.

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Families and Friends

We work with families to find common ground with their substance using loved ones, and we help them find alternatives to harsh “tough love” tactics.

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Healthcare Professionals & Organizations

The Center’s founders are leaders in creating Harm Reduction Therapy.  They train hundreds of healthcare professionals and agency staff to transform their practices and their…

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Community Services

The Center also offers treatment at no cost to marginalized communities in San Francisco

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Founded by Dedicated Experts

The Center, founded by leaders in the Harm Reduction Therapy movement, is a certified drug and alcohol treatment program staffed by licensed mental health professionals. We have been practicing harm reduction therapy for over 30 years.

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We are located in San Francisco, Oakland, Mill Valley and San Jose.

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18 E. Blithedale Ave., Suite 14
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