It’s nice to have a place where I can go  and be completely authentic.”


You know Tara, I have it in my mind that you would never judge me about anything that I do.”


Creating a space where people can share anything.” – A woman whose friends are the animals and trees in the park and a gentle inquiry allowed her to reveal her friends.


I’ve been in and out of rehabs and this is the first time I’ve gotten to talk about all of me, not just my substance use.”


It’s never too late to have your first rehab.”


Mr. Non-tough Love.”


You’re my rock – who else could I talk with about these things.”


You can take care of yourself AND use substances.” (Jamie is always planting these little seeds.)


Finally, I  decided to accept that he is going to keep using alcohol, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have a lot of other good things in his life.”


Thank you for listening to me.”


When I come to the harm reduction group, I can say whatever is on my mind and that’s when I learn what I’m really thinking.”


I didn’t know what you meant when you asked me ‘What am I feeling?’ and sometimes found it frustrating. But after working with you, I came to understand that you were talking about a deeper connection with myself. My substance issues are no longer a point of pain and distress. I want to thank you, and so do my friends and family, for helping me to  live a life that is so much more than I thought could be possible when I first came in. Keep on doing God’s work.”