Mobile Services

Since our founding in 2000, HRTC therapists have worked in drop-in centers and street outreach programs with homeless youth and adults who do not fit easily into traditional medical clinics and mental health or substance use treatment programs.  In the last 15 months, HRTC has been funded by the San Francisco Department of Public Health to pilot new ways to engage homeless youth and adults who have unmet behavioral health needs. We have created a model program that has reached more than 2000 people:  a mobile mental health program where we create weekly pop-up drop-in “centers” with 2 van-based counseling offices in 6 neighborhoods in San Francisco, California. We offer hospitality in the form of a nutritious meal, clean water, fruit, and cheesecake; a warm, inviting, comfortable environment; and social connection.  These foundations of health and well-being create a therapeutic milieu within which we offer emotional support and therapy and help people practice harm reduction.  

Depending on the size of the surrounding homeless community, between 30 and 150 people gather at each of our sites every week and join us in building therapeutic communities.  Our sites quickly became community service hubs, with 6 other medical, complementary care, and social service providers working alongside us. We’ve become part of the structure and fabric of street-based outreach medical and harm reduction services in San Francisco.

Accessible Treatment

To maximize our accessibility to the widest possible range of clients, the Center offers treatment in 8+ community locations outside of our own offices. More than half of the 800 or so people we work with each year are homeless, and 25% are youth and young adults between the ages of 16 and 25.

San Francisco Hospitality House

Our largest community-based program is at San Francisco Hospitality House.

All are extremely low income and plagued by all the problems – emotional, medical, and wellbeing – that go along with such hard lives.

We meet people in non-traditional settings: on the streets, in parks, and in community drop-in centers and medical clinics. We offer the lowest threshold mental health and substance use treatment in the Bay Area.  We work side by side with harm reduction outreach workers, syringe exchange staff, case managers, nurses, and doctors.  Our job is to provide the emotional support to help people stabilize their drug use and mental health symptoms and the practical support to help them obtain housing and financial benefits or employment.  Our goal is to help people attain and maintain stable mental health, a non-problematic relationship with drugs, housing, income, and the sense of well-being that goes along with these things.

The Center’s community work epitomizes our COME AS YOU ARE philosophy.  Truly, you don’t have to do, or commit to, anything as a condition of getting help from our highly skilled and very kind therapists.

Our Community Sites & Therapists Schedules


Hospitality House Drop-in Centers, Shelter, Art Program, and Employment Programs in the Tenderloin and on Sixth Street.

Tenderloin Self-Help Center: 146 Leavenworth Street | San Francisco, CA 94102
Monday, Wednesday-Friday: 9am – 5pm; Tuesday 2pm- 5pm

The Sixth Street Self-Help Center: 169 Sixth Street | San Francisco, CA 94103
Monday, Wednesday-Friday: 9am – 5pm; Tuesday 2pm- 5pm

SFDPH Addiction Medicine Clinic
50 Ivy St., | San Francisco, CA 94102
Monday afternoons & Thursday and Friday mornings


Homeless Youth Alliance in Golden Gate Park and at the Huckleberry Youth Clinic, which lends us office space.
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
HYA SF Needle Exchange Monday, Wednesday, Friday evenings @ Haight Ashbury Free Clinic

COVID-19 Mobile Services Schedule

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In addition to our work with clients, we provide staff training and clinical support to these and approximately 25 other organizations that offer extremely low-threshold services, thus reaching 1000’s more people with multiple problems.