Help Us Promote This Important Paradigm Shift

Harm Reduction Therapy is the most profound paradigm shift in substance abuse treatment since the adoption of the Disease Model of Addiction in the 1960’s. It is designed to reach the 90 % of people in the United States who abuse substances but who either never go to treatment, the 60% of people who drop out of treatment once they get there, and the 95% who do not affiliate with 12-step programs.

In a large annual national survey, 40% of people with substance abuse say they do not seek treatment because they are not ready to stop using. These are the people for whom Harm Reduction Therapy was created, and these are the people to whom Harm Reduction Therapy needs to be made available.

The programs at the Center are replicable and scalable. And they should be replicated if Harm Reduction Therapy is to become available as an option to everyone in the country who struggles with alcohol and other drugs.

This vision requires the active financial and capacity-building support of individuals and organizations who share our passion for substance abuse treatment that works.

Photo of a young man seated on street holding a sign that says, "Keep your coins, I want change."

All of the Center’s programs are national models.  We created a therapy model that is a revolutionary paradigm shift in treatment.  Then we adapted the model to reach communities that are so marginalized that they are unable to fit into traditional treatment programs.  We have partnered with community-based organizations who serve populations as diverse as homeless youth, disabled seniors, mentally ill people caught up in the criminal justice system, veterans, and people with HIV and other serious medical illnesses.  And we have developed a training model that actually leads to practice change.

Together, We Can Lead the Growth of Alternative Treatments

The Center for Harm Reduction Therapy is positioned to be the organization that tips Harm Reduction Therapy into a nationally recognized alternative treatment.  Our founders are leaders in the Harm Reduction Therapy movement, with a 30-year track record of success in the field.As authors of three books and dozens of articles and book chapters; teachers and mentors to thousands of healthcare professionals and peer counselors; and leaders of the national effort to research Harm Reduction Therapy, we can lead the growth of a serious new option for substance abuse treatment.

How You Can Help

Invest now!

Your investment will support the replication of Harm Reduction Therapy around the United States.

Donate now!

Your donation will support the continuation of our community services and pro bono training efforts.

Please consider a monthly donation, of any amount, that can be charged to your credit card.

Join Our Board of Directors

If you would like to become actively involved in supporting and promoting harm reduction therapy, consider joining our Board of Directors or Advisory Board.  Our current Board of Directors would love to talk with you.

Rebecca Pfeifer-Rosenblum, President

Jim Emery, Secretary

Alya Briceno, Treasurer

Patt Denning

Claudia Figallo

Jeannie Little

James Pollet

Thank You To Our Recent Donors

Many thanks to the foundation and individual donors who have made our year so fruitful. Our vision and our commitments require the active financial support of individuals and organizations who share our passion for the reduction of drug-related harm and for substance abuse treatment that works.

Your help will enable us to fulfill our commitments for 2015, which include:

To produce our first research data on the effectiveness of Harm Reduction Therapy and to submit at least 2 papers to professional journals (this is an all-volunteer effort on the part of 15 individuals around the United States!)

  • To complete the 2nd edition of Over the Influence for the general public
  • To hold at least one public event each month
  • To expand our services to homeless youth with mental health and substance use problems
  • To reach out and speak to parents at schools about realistic ways to reduce the harm of their teenage childrens’ drinking and drug experimentation
  • To reach out to Human Resource departments of companies (many of the tech companies building offices in San Francisco are installing bars on the premises) to disseminate alcohol and drug-related health information

$50 – a month of breakfasts for our Thursday morning opiate users group
$100 – two telephone consultations with prospective clients
$250 – a full evaluation and treatment recommendations for an individual or family
$500 – a month of therapy for an individual or family
$1000 – a year of group therapy for an individual or family
$2500 – a year of our pro bono clinical support for At The Crossroads youth program.
$5000 – a year of treatment for an individual or family

Larger donations help to sustain our administrative infrastructure which is inadequately supported by our community contracts.

Foundations that have supported us over the last year:

Taproot Foundation

GGS Foundation

May and Stanley Smith Charitable Trust, a foundation of
May and Stanley Smith Charitable Trust, a foundation of AdminiTrust LLC